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Welcome to Jenny Jenny Booking Agency..Booking the best Artist for all your concert needs...

Who is the Lady in The Shadow?. Music is my life..

I have worked with some of our best Artist in the business..

Little Richard is my Godfather..Or should I say Father!! I will keep you guessing there!! I have learned a lot from the great.! All my life.. since 1996 My goal has been to take R&B classic Artists and empower them with new material that gives them added confidence to stand toe-to-toe with all others and perform at peak potential.


My trendsetting direction has become a dominant force in the recording and entertainment matter what age you are.. If you got it let's Rock and Roll... Keeping the music alive!! "Elevating "Old-School" greats by making sure they retain a place in history forever..  My notoriety has been recognized in industry publication BILLBOARD (2007) The 18th Annual Music Pre-Grammy Committee(1999) Also put in names to get Honored for Janie Bradford, Hal Awards! 2015 The Dramatics and 2016 Freddie Jackson. Pela Records Eric Dennis Robinson, Ambus Harvey and Music Manager Sandra Petkov. Gave me Certificate of Recognition for Keeping the Music alive. Proclamation from Mayor of Columbus Georgia. The Honorable Teresa Pike Tomlinson Whom proclaim May 13,2017  Jenny Jenny Booking Agency Day. Recognition for my 20 years for my outstanding contributions to the Entertainment Industry! For empowering motivation Artist through my work.  US Congressman John Lewis


JENNY JENNY RECORDS & BOOKING AGENCY is an all in one entertainment enterprise! We book Corporate Concerts.  Jenny Jenny is a independent Company named after the "True King of Rock and Roll "Little Richard" and his hit record Jenny Jenny"..  This Company love's old school singing, writers and Artist who deal with old school style of course right along with the New School Artist as well.. The Main Energy behind Jenny Jenny Records and Booking Agency, "The President Jenny an extremely talented, motivated entrepreneur with a history of connections to the biggest names in the music business". She is the industry insider who make's thing's happen in the business today!


With (Jenny) at the helm one phone call can and will launch a set up Media Appearances, Concert Tours and much more...We can and will do any and everything to keep the music we all love and respect alive..  Jenny Jenny is hands on! Now that is our Lady in the Shadow!!!


To book your next concert! Just gave us a call.. Office - 818-616-4744~ BOOK - (FREDDIE  JACKSON, XSCAPE,  MICH'LE , SWV , Melba Moore, Evelyn Champagne King, Deniece Williams, Hi-Five, Blood Stone, Dru Hill,Billy Ocean,Russell Thompkin Stylistics , The Manhattans, Phil Perry, Just naming a few. Ask we will get them for you!       


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